Semler is Denmark’s largest car importer of the brands VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Porsche, Bentley and Lamborghini

Their challenge:

As Denmark’s largest importer and dealer, Semler would like to have their cars presented professionally in their online room, so that their brands looked just as good in their online showroom as in their physical stores.

All departments of their business held meetings every year on how to improve the pictures of their cars, they were bought expensive equipment in the form of SLR cameras and light equipment but they never got the pictures they wanted of their cars plus they wanted to start taking videos of their cars.

Semler was looking for an innovation solution that was easy to integrate into their business and routines.

The solution

All departments got the Carswip app out to the salespeople

They had 6 custom guide frames set up in the app which helps and ensure that all salespeople can take pictures of cars, that all pictures taken through the app are taken at the same angle, height and distance.

They can now send videos and photos directly to their customers, so they show their customers exactly what they want to see on the car they are interested in.

They were integrated with the Carswip upload robot which allows them to 100% automatically upload all photos and videos directly from the app to the car in DMS

Before and after

Carswip edits and optimize their pictures so that all their 6 departments have the same background and logos. That way, they would not have to think about space or disturbances in the background.

Had their cars presented professionally in their digital showroom and at all online car platforms, marketplaces and social media

Improved their 'time to market' with 3 days on average across all departments that save up to 1.2 million kr per year

Time savings of 50% of the normal image and video process on each car

Increased conversion and had lower length of storage time on their cars

Have complete overview of the cars taken pictures and videos

Got all the photos and videos together online in the cloud via Carswip web app, so you can always download and reuse images and videos to the same cars in future